Look beyond generic brands and discover the hidden treasures of the beverage market!

Plenty of smaller beverage producers do not have the capacity for large scale export. But their small scale production is exactly what allows them to develop complex flavours and experiment with interesting concepts.

While famous wine regions, large beer and liquor brands have established international distribution channels. Lesser known wine regions, breweries and distilleries often has much to offer in terms of quality, at a fraction of the price. Hidden pearls can be found everywhere on the market: The internet will help you discover them — Miru Market helps you get hold of them.

The connective power of technology makes it easy for everyone to taste the flavours of Europe. Irish stout beer and whiskey. Belgian craft beer and micro breweries. French artisanal wineries and independent vineyards. Small badge Italian aperitifs and digestifs; grappa, limoncello, amari -The wonder of Europe is in our diversity.

Our goal is to democratise the alcoholic beverage market.

Miru Market is putting the power of choice in the hands of consumers — not distribution networks, wholesalers or importers. Here wine connoisseurs, beer lovers and spirit aficionados can order the highest quality beverages directly from independent and small scale local producers. All because we believe TASTE and QUALITY should dictate drinking choices, not the branding and marketing budget of the producers.

Ever wondered how you can get excellent local wines and spirits when holidaying in Italy or France, cheaper than the generic wines you can find back home? Or why Czech spirits and Polish vodka aren’t imported to your country?

That’s because the beverages sold in supermarkets are the ones produced in large enough quantities to be stocked by large chain stores. What fills the wine, beer and spirit shelves in your local supermarket is basically marketing, distribution networks, import agreements, etc. — Not necessarily the best in terms of quality or flavour. And the specialty stores, that do offer something beyond the ordinary, often charge high markups for importing ‘the good stuff.’

Miru Market is not an importer or wholesaler.

When you shop at Miru Market you buy wine, beer and spirits directly from the producer. All we do is to deliver the technology and services to connect producers and consumers across Europe. Our platform simply helps facilitate the order and handle the legal regulations, making it easy to buy beverages without worrying about taxes or transport

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By enabling craft brewers, wineries and distilleries to reach a wider market of consumers, shrink the distance between liquor lovers and the talented craftsmen who brew and distill Europe’s finest drinks.

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